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    Cozy, Fall-Inspired Ideas for Family Fun!

    Cooler weather, shorter days and longer nights, an array of colors and flavors that can only mean one thing: Fall has arrived!

    Despite the balmy warmth of Northeast Florida, I’ve come up with some Fall-inspired activities to help power-down those devices and bring your family together this season.



    Nothing brings the fam together like a little healthy competition, especially after a long day of school and work responsibilities. Blow off a little steam and share some laughs with classics like UnoClueBananagrams, and Life! Or, if you want to really turn up the laughs, try my personal favorite, Fishbowl.


    You’ll need the following items:

    • Paper and pens for everyone playing 
    • A fishbowl (any bowl will do)
    • A timer (your phone will work great)
    • Some space to move around

    Think of this game like charades but turned all the way up!

    1. Divide into two teams and have everyone write down seven (7) different things (If you have less than six players, have everyone write down ten items). These things can be anything; celebrities, movies, books, food, words, pop culture references, quotes, songs, lyrics, people, places, things, etc. Make sure everybody writes their items down undercover, so there’s no peeking!
    2. Now have everyone carefully tear their answers into strips of paper, ball them up, and toss them all into the Fishbowl.

    Round One:

    Every player on Team 1 will have 30 seconds to pull from the Fishbowl and describe what is written on the paper pieces to the rest of their team; only their team may answer. Pull one piece of paper at a time, trying to get through as many as possible in the allotted 30 seconds. In this round, players may act, speak, perform, and describe what they pull, but they cannot say any of the words written on the paper. If a player accidentally says any of the words, they must discard that piece and pull again; no point for that discard. Once each player from the first team has had a turn, it will be the second team’s turn. Hold your paper drawls until the end of the round, count up how many pieces each team has, and note the score. Once both teams have gone, that concludes the end of the round.

    Round Two:

    Same rules, but this time there can be no speaking, singing, or humming – only acting!

    Round Three:

    You got it- same rules, but instead of acting, players can only use one word to describe the drawl and only one word per drawl.



    Is there anything more representative of togetherness and caring like a meal shared? Pick a night of the week ahead of time so that everyone can plan accordingly, and then pick a theme for your dinner! Browse through recipes online together and plan your menu. Then split up into teams: Assign a team to make a playlist to go along with your chosen theme (Or check out some of the curated playlists on Spotify!). Have another team handle the grocery shopping, and lastly, assign a decorating team to craft some fun decor that pulls everything together!

    Want some fall-inspired recipes? Click on the photos below for recipes!


    Did the annual family camping trip get canceled this year due to COVID? Break out the tents and camp in the convenience of your backyard!

    Throw some logs on the fire pit and set up some yard games, like horseshoes and cornhole. If you don’t already have a fire pit, you can easily pick one up from your local Wal-mart or Target. Light up the grill for burgers and hotdogs, fill the cooler up with drinks, and make sure to have supplies for S’mores! Sit around the fire, tell ghost stories, or share some favorite memories of past camping trips!



    Have little ones that may not be ready for that backyard camping adventure? Build a cozy pillow and blanket fort in the living room! Hang up some string lights, make some hot cocoa and snacks, then pick out some good books to snuggle up and read together.



    Fall is a season of sharing and thankfulness; show your sharing spirit by baking up a batch of yummy cookies that your family can decorate together and then share with your neighbors or loved-ones! Pop some home-made popcorn and make it gourmet with some chocolate chips and caramel drizzle, or try a savory blend of parmesan cheese and some dried Italian herbs! Break out the construction paper and cut some leaves or acorn shapes out and write a note on them that tells your neighbors or loved ones how thankful you are for them!


    What are some fun things you enjoy doing with your family this time of the year? I’d love to hear!

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