How to Make Your New House Feel Like Home

One of the biggest factors of enjoying a quality life is feeling like you have a place to call home where you feel secure, comfortable, and surrounded by things that remind you of who are. Whether you just moved to a new city or into a house right across the street, it can take some time for your new residence to actually feel “homey.” In fact, it takes years for some to acquire enough personal items and décor until they feel right at home when they walk through their doors. Many people push off personalizing their place until they know they’re in a house or city they’ll be staying at long term. But, even if you’re living somewhere for a short period of time, it’s so important for your emotional health to have a space that’s cozy and unique to YOU. Here are some simple ways to do that:

 1. Comfort

brown leather couch, cotton throws, grey armchair, cotton pillows

Studies have shown that warmth and comfort are largely associated with the feeling of “home.” When setting up your new house, regardless of your personal style, make sure to add touches of softness and warmth. Whether it be white fluffy blankets, plush pillows, warm lighting, or a specific chair you especially love to curl up on- make sure coziness is an important part of your living space. Cleanseliness also plays a huge role in feeling comfortable. Once all the boxes are unpacked and everything is settled in it’s own spot, make it a habit each morning or evening to spend 15-20 minutes tidying up. Then, pick a day each week meant for deeper cleaning such as washing the sheets and mopping the floors.

2. Smell

It’s a well-known fact that smells are closely linked with memories. Try to think of your favorite memories and the smells associated with them and then incorporate that into your home in order provide an even bigger sense of hominess. Maybe you’re an outdoorsy person who enjoys camping. If so, purchasing an oil diffuser with oils such as cedarwood, lavender, or frankincense will create an aroma in your home that will trigger a sense of ultimate comfort each time you walk inside. Did you grow up baking in the kitchen with your mom? Consider candles with sweet, buttery smells such as cinnamon roll or warm apple pie. Maybe you’re a clean freak and can only feel at ease when it’s sparkling and spotless- then make sure your cleaning products have fresh lemony or citrus scents to them.

Energizing and uplifting scented soy candle, soy blend scented candle,

 3. Art/Photography

Hanging photos or art is one of the biggest procrastinations of new homeowners. But having art or photos in your home is one of the most obvious ways to express your own unique personality. Even if you’re not a handy-man or good with a hammer and nails- there’s no excuse not to put something up on the walls. Command strips are simple and easy to use and can hang up to 4 pounds! Picking what to frame or hang may seem daunting at first but when you take a few minutes to think about what’s most important in your life you’ll realize it’s the easiest part of decorating. If your passion is music, then hang concert posters or album covers. If you’re family oriented, pick a wall for family photos and research different wall framing arrangements. Are you obsessed with your dog? Get a professional abstract painting of your pet for a unique conversation point. Websites like offer a plethora of photo and art prints to order such as palm leaves and succulents, cityscapes, watercolor paintings or modern art.

 4. Companionship

Home really is where the heart is. You can have all the blankets, couches, and decorations in the world but if you don’t have someone to share it with then it still might not be enough to feel like a comforting living environment. Not everyone has a significant other or family to share their new home with but that doesn’t mean you have to be alone! Many pets are sitting in cages across the street from your new home who would love to share a space with you. A fluffy companion could be the difference from having a house and a home. Even if you’re not an animal person, creating a home you feel proud of is the perfect excuse to host more gatherings. Make it a point to have dinners at your place each week where your loved ones can fill your home with love, food, and laughter. 

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